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100% Javascript, No Flash or Java

Elycharts is a pure Javascript solution, so it doesn't require any client side plugins like Flash or Java. Running on the client browsers, you don't need to install anything on your server. You need only to include some javascript files in HTML pages where you want to use drawing tools, and you're ready for your new charts!

Open-source and Free (even for commercial use)

Elycharts is based on a MIT license, so you can use for free it in every situation, even for commercial website and projects.

And it is open source, so you can check out the source code, review it and contribute for new features or bug fixed. And you can event start your own project based on it!

Multiple chart types

Elycharts can draw all frequently used chart types:

  • line charts with spline support
  • area and areaspline charts
  • column/bar charts
  • combined line/area charts
  • sparklines and sparkbars
  • pie charts
  • and other types are work in progress...

All charts can have multiple data series, with stacked and cumulative options and with multiple axis support and automatic axis scaling.

So, for example, you can draw a stacked bar chart with a line chart over it in a different axis.

Highly customizable with a simple configuration

With Elycharts you can customize every aspect of the charts the way you want. All the colors, text parameters, sizes, grid types can be easily changed.

Furthermore, Elycharts natively support features like legend generation, data tooltips and labels, templates and a lot more...

To use all these features you don't need any special programming skills. Configuration is expressed with a simple Javascript object, which is a simple set of keys and values.

Animations and interactions

Elycharts support dynamic data modification, with graceful animations to show the chart evolution. You can configure each aspect of animations used to initially render the graphs and to manage transformations of it.

Also, Elycharts also has a lot of interactions features to improve user experience: mouse tracking and events, highlight of selected areas with various animations, tooltip and hints, html anchors and many more...


Tested to work on all major browser (even in IE6 and without the need of plugins like ExCanvas) and operating systems, so your charts will be visible to all your visitors.

SVG Rendering is used on all browsers that supports it, VML rendering is enabled for the others (IE).

Compatibility: Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.5+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Google Chrome/Chromium.